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Riley Jones

I have found the sessions that you have very generously given me extremely thought-provoking and enjoyable.  Talking things over with you was a highlight of my week.  Your many wise and kind insights have informed how I have approached things and will continue to do so in the future.  (By the way, I deployed the thumb-in-the-palm technique on several occasions during the holiday, to great effect…)
I can now focus on the resolutions that you have guided me towards over the past few months.   As someone who has a tendency to over-analyse, to navel gaze, I just need to get on with it. I feel that you have equipped me with some very useful tools to use when doing so.
I am hugely grateful for the time and the care that you have given me over the past few months. I feel astonishingly lucky that I heard about you at the time that I did. I imagine that there may well be times in the future when I would be glad of your further guidance.  I hope very much that it will be ok if I make contact with you then, to see if I could make use of your services then.

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