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  • Ian McKechnie

5 minute exercise for your New Year’s resolution

Have you started ‘Dry January’ yet, or is that a next Monday thing, when the festive season officially ends? Have you thrown out your cigarettes in the trash and researched the most cost-effective gym membership? Here’s a quick alternative 2 step process to all of that. Grab a coffee (unless you’ve given up caffeine…) Post-its and a pen. It’ll take 5 minutes.

Step 1: Write down 6 descriptions of how you would LIKE to be seen by others in 2020 – E.g. Funny, wise, compassionate, empathetic, resilient, inspiring. Now consider how you FEAR you come across to others – E.g. Flaky, egotistical, boring, needy, selfish, undisciplined.

Take a good look at the two lists, see what they reveal and question the accuracy of that ‘fear’ list. You may be telling yourself you’re boring and selfish, but in reality, others may see you as interesting and generous. So, do allow for that possibility to arise and be a friend to yourself. That’s Step 1 done – getting some awareness about how you see yourself in this world and what you would most like to change.

Step 2: Underline the MOST desirable trait from the first list and the LEAST desirable trait from the second – E.g. Compassionate and Undisciplined. Now write these down on a separate Post-it positively framed: E.g. My aim is to be more Compassionate and Disciplined. Keep this in your wallet or take a photo of it for a constant splash screen reminder.

You may find an interesting correlation between a vague resolution you were toying with – E.g. ‘Join a gym’, and a deeper trait you are REALLY after, E.g. ‘Be more disciplined’.

And the call to action? Commit to doing something positive every day in January around these 2 traits and start forming some great new habits that will make you feel proud in 2020.

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