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  • Ian McKechnie

Are you playing hide and seek on your own?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Imagine playing hide and seek on your own. You would never find yourself, would you? Because the one who seeks is also the one who is being sought. And yet we do it all the time. Trying to find ourselves, feeling that we are not quite there yet, something still missing, not complete.

So, we look to different circumstances, new jobs, fresh relationships, exotic places, promising religions, health spas, self-help books, the Lottery. In fact, anywhere external to ourselves. We are like mobile phones looking for a signal. Imagine a mobile phone with an internal signal. It would never connect to it, because it would constantly be searching beyond itself.

The mind doesn’t like the sound of any of this. There must be a rational explanation! But there isn’t. The postcode we were searching for outside was inside all along. And it’s not in our thoughts, our life story, our identity, our mind-made sense of self. It’s somewhere deeper. And we can drop down and touch it when we become still for a moment. Put down your iPhone for a moment. Can you sense it?

In fact, my iPhone is the one thing that regularly stops me from dropping down into this ‘deeper area’. I was talking to a coaching client about it this week. She asked me how easily I found it to still my mind and connect with this deeper source. I told her it was very easy indeed to drop down below thought and sense a quiet field of presence. But not quite as easy as picking up and scrolling some news, texts and Whatsapp messages. Anything at all in fact to get me through the present moment, when something inside is prodding me for something intangible and missing. But at least now I know I’m playing hide and seek on my own while I’m doing it. And for some odd reason, that feels like progress!

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