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Feeling jumbled up?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

“I often feel like a Rubik's cube with all the colours mixed up. After a coaching session with Ian, I get enough of the sides to be one colour so that I am able to focus and act strategically. Close friends and family tell me I have changed - I seem more grounded and positive to them. I have a new calm, self-confidence and am able to listen more effectively. It feels great!”

One of my coaching clients sent me this today and it was such a great way of describing how we work together that I thought I would share it.

Getting clear about what you want and why you want it helps your career, relationships and life in general more than anything else I’ve come across. The people you need to influence want to know what you’re really all about. What’s important to you and why? When you can tell them in a confident and convincing way – articulating your story so all your colours line up - good things start to happen.

Most people, including me, can’t sit down with pen and paper and work out what they really want and why they want it. Or if they can do this, they soon find all the old stories and beliefs they need to prevent them from moving in a positive direction to get it! That’s where coaching helps – someone whose job it is to listen, challenge and act as an accountability partner.

What does your Rubik’s cube look like today?

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